We need affiliates to spread Lord Jagannath consciousness all over….

We implicitly and explicitly provide an opportunity to our affiliates to put their experience to work, to stretch their thinking and abilities, and to work with others whose talent, commitment reflect in their words. We provide our affiliates with a sublime open offer to spread the divinity of Lord Jagannath by providing the holy Mahaprasad in their locality and within their connections. We give our affiliates a work environment and future scope to feel empowered and provide them with financial freedom.

Our process module provides our affiliates an opportunity to receive significant long-term value based earnings upon the achievement of key internal and external performance objectives.

Our affiliates become a part of our philanthropic mission to provide support and care to the differently able and under-privileged children.

Eligibility for becoming our associate:

1.     The associate should be literate enough to promulgate the divinity of Lord Jagannath culture and the inherent significance of the holy Prasad in his/her assigned domain.

2.     The associate should sign a non-exclusive written agreement and should provide all documents regarding his identity.

3.     The associate should dedicatedly work towards fulfillment of the mission and vision of the project.

4.     The affiliate should not involve in any illegal or unethical activity. In that case the involved trusts may initiate strict legal action against the associate and may charge compensation to their wish for affecting the goodwill.

5.     The affiliate should report to the authority periodically and should be transparent in his awareness and sales order proceedings.

6.     The affiliate should agree to all the terms and conditions.

7.    The affiliate should not use the name of the portal for any personal purposes other than the purpose he is appointed for.

Process Model:

Step 1: Register and promulgate

  • Register as affiliate for free and create a product catalogue. Get free training on how to run your online business
  • Get your documentation, photo-shoots, cataloguing, etc. done with ease from our Professional Services network
  • Our Advisors will help you at every step and fully assist you in taking your business online

Step 2: Receive orders and confirm

  • You have an opportunity to create order from every household and for every special event/occasion.
  • Get orders and manage your online business. Confirm us with orders.

Step 3: Package and ship with ease

  • On receiving orders, we will pack the goods & leave the worries of pick-up & delivery to our courier partners
  • If you wish to create your personal inventory store for easy & instant delivery, you can pay 80% in advance and the rest after your next order.

Step 4: Get payments and grow your business

  • Receive quick and hassle-free payments in your account once your orders are fulfilled on monthly basis.
  • Expand your business by invading new business domain and implementing new possibilities.

Incentives to our associate (On Order Financials):

            We provide healthy incentives to our associates as a part of our mission. We have aligned awards based on the performance. The incentives to be provided will be based on the following table:

Sl No

Monthly Order Amount (per month)

Incentive (in %)





> 10000



> 25000

25 + Special Bonus



25 + Special Bonus + Volume Incentive


Apart from the above there shall be special bonus and incentive offers on monthly basis. The associates will be rewarded with income, incentive trips, recognition and more through Monthly performance bonuses depending on your monthly productivity and business volume. Monthly and annual leadership bonuses, other cash awards, and business incentives based on group performance. 

Terms and Conditions:

1.     The incentive and bonus settlement shall be done on monthly basis and there is no forward carry for subsequent months.

2.     There is no sub-associate concept or multi-level incentive plan.

3.     The decision of the management shall be final and all settlements shall be confined to Bhubaneswar jurisdiction only.

 The truth is we are empowered far less by heredity, luck, and circumstances, than by our vision of what we believe are truly possible for ourselves.

We welcome everyone to join our divine mission as a part of social responsibility to join hands with us. You can mail us at shrikhetra.order@gmail.com to know more and join.