Books are our best friends. And spiritual books take us to immortality and divinity. This section contains selected books in poetry and prose forms which show the very meaning of our existence, the art of living with the Lord, various aspects of devotion and self realization, eternal relation between the microcosm and the macrocosm and the various avenues to rise above all ignorance of this material world.

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Abhiram Charitamruta (Prose)
This book is based on the eternal philosophy of Jagadguru Thakur Shri Shri Abhiram Paramahansa ..
Amruta Bindu (Prose)
If one wants to have mastery over time, it needs a different approach. If we have to go that way, ei..
Antaswara (Prose)
This book comprises of a collection of divine and eternal thoughts needed for any being to realize t..
Lord Jagannath is known as the embodiment of an irresistible force, because He is none other than Lo..
Biraha Kallola (Poetry)
This unique book is written in tradition odissi classical style and narrates the various feelings an..
Daivasura Sampad Bibhaga Yoga (Prose)
This is the sixteenth chapter of Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta in which Lord Krishna describes explicitly, ..
Mana Shikshya (Poetry)
This unique book comprises of traditional styled Odia devotional songs in the folk form of musi..
Oracle Of Divinity (Prose)
Its a complete and comprehensive book on the lifetime and lifestyle of Jagatguru Thakur Shri Shri Ab..
Pebbles Of Wisdom (Prose)
It’s a unique collection of more than 500 life inspiring quotes which would take towards new positiv..
Prarthana (Prose)
A collection of selfless prayers for the ever-merciful Lord presented in the form of a pocket book. ..
Prema Kallola(Poetry)
Lord Krishna brought all his consorts to meet Radha, they saw Radha's face and declared he..
Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic originally written by Goswami Tuls..
Shiba Shakti Janana (Poetry)
This book is a collection of hymns for Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The hymns narrates the variou..
Shiv Bibah (Poetry)
This is a unique book which exclusively narrates the saga of the sacred and divine marriage ceremony..