Mitha (With Semi Sugary Syrup)

Mitha means sweet in Odia. These are offered to Lord Jagannath on daily basis. Mitha is used as a dessert. There are different types of Mithas. They are made from freshly ground wheat flour, cottage cheese, condensed milk and maida. Some mithas are made from Besan and mostly single string sugar syrup is used in the preparation. Cardamom and other aromatic spices are used which gives a divine feel to the palate. These can be kept for more than fifteen days in air tight containers.

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Bundi Laddu (Special)
It is one of the favorites of Lord Jagannath. Firstly strain the gram flour with help of a sieve...
Jalebi (Special)
Jalebi, popularily known as Jhilapi in Odia is offered to Lord Jagannath both in semi dry and dry fo..
Khua Ballabh (Special)
This is made on special order. The main ingredients of this are wheat flour, khua, sugar, clove/c..
Khua Ladoo (Special)
Khua Ladu is one of the favorites of Lord Jagannath and is offered to Him daily. It is similar to be..
Khua Peda (Special)
Khua Peda is a special peda made of mawa or Khua. Mawa peda is a perfect choice for celebrations ..
Lavang Lata
This tantalizing dish coated with sugar syrup and crusty from outside but stuffed with mawa and dry ..
Malpua (Special) -  price per pc
Malpua is a pancake served as a dessert or a snack. Its one of the favorites of Lord ..
Rabdi -  price per bowl
Rabri is a reduced milk with aroma of cardomam. Its a sweet creamy dish used as a desert. Its o..
Rahani Anna - for 5 persons
Rahani Anna is a specially prepared Anna Mahaprasad which can be stored for weeks. It is prepared on..
Rahani Dali - for 5 persons
One of the favorites of Lord Jagannath and His devotees. This Rahani Dali is a special variant ..
Special Poda Pitha (for 5 persons) -  price per pc
The main ingredients of this are basmati rice, coconut, Sugar, Fennel, Cardamom, condensed milk, bla..