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When a person visits a tirtha (holy place) such as Jagannath Puri, he should perform certain rituals like snana, daana, Puja-Vrata, Pinda Daan, listening to Katha recital etc. According to Matsya Purana the performance of such rituals at tirthas is infinitely more effective than performed in one’s own house. So by offering food to a Brahmin at Jagannath Puri, one can acquire infinite punya. If this Brahman Bhojan is offered on a Shraddha day, then it is even more beneficial.

According to Manu Smriti, the souls of the deceased ancestors reside in the body of the invited Brahmins at the time of offering of food and receive them. Through Brahman Bhojan, both the Gods and the ancestral souls are satisfied. A Brahmin Bhoj is an Ancient Ritual of offering food to Brahmins since they represent God as per Ancient Hindu Mythology. This ritual is considered very Auspicious and it forms most important part of several religious ceremonies.

After this Sankudi mahaprasada offering, the Brahmins are offered Dakshina as well and the person who has arranged for this ritual is supposed to have been blessed by them.

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