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We provide this service on the holiest place of Baisi Pahacha (the sacred 22 steps) inside Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri.

As a mandatory rite that is believed to bring salvation to departed souls, Pind-daan is a must to do obligation of all Hindus or followers of Hindu religion. Further, it is also believed that no work can be successfully performed without blessings of ancestors and the doing of Pind Daan invokes blessings of the dead ancestors.

With the ritual performed to pay homage to the deceased ancestors also called 'Pitar' as per our ancient texts, the religious and correct completion of this ritual helps the soul of the dead to attain Moksha (salvation).

Its moral duty of all persons to clear debts of their forefathers by doing Pind Daan that fulfills parental desires of departed souls. Further, it also wards off restless spirits that affect family members of the dead due to improperly done/half done last rites.

As the only religious and spiritual process that helps in bringing peace and contentment to the restless deceased souls, some of the derived benefits from Pind Daan include:

  • Making smooth the obstacles coming in the life of family of diseased
  • Delivering sudden and quick positive changes that can be observed in the life of the family members of the disease

After the ritual, a packet of Mahaprasad is sent to the family members.



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