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It is believed that when a devotee ties a flag with devotion on Lord Loknath Temple, his wishes comes true and he is guarded from all evil forces of the planets and other material forces. Lord Shiva blesses him with all prosperity in life.

Lord Lokanatha's representative image is in the Sri Jagannatha temple, known as Bhandara Lokanatha. He is the guardian deity of the Ratnabhandara (treasure house) of Sri Jagannatha temple. Lokanatha is associated with Lord Jagannath in several festivals like Sivaratri, Candan Yatra and Sital Sasthi.

The temple of Shri Lokanatha is situated at a distance of about 2½ kms to the west of Lord Jagannatha temple of Puri. This temple is one of the most important Shaiva shrines of Orissa. The legend says that Lord Rama on his way to Sri Lanka for searching Sita reached Puri and sat with a vow to see Siva here.

The Lokanatha temple has four parts such as Vimana (Main Temple), Jagamohana (Entrance Hall), Natamandapa (Dancing Hall) and Bhogamndapa (Offering Hall). This temple is built in sand stones. The main temple is about 30 feet from the ground level. Most portions of the main temple have been covered with marbles, so the detail architectural features of the main temple are not visible. The outer walls of the main temple housed images of different Deities. The image of Shiva-Parbati is carved on the northern side wall. There is image of Lord Kartikeya on the eastern side wall. The image of four handed Lord Ganesha is carved on the southern side wall. All these side wall images are housed inside small temples. Many small temples are there inside the premises of Lokanatha temple. There is a small temple to the left of the inner courtyard which preserves images of Surya-Narayana and Candra-Narayana. The Satya-Narayan temple within the premises preserves images of Vishnu, Laksmi and several brass idols. On the right side of the entrance to the inner courtyard you will find a figure of Lord Hanuman.

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