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We provide this service on the holiest place of Baisi Pahacha (the sacred 22 steps) inside Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri.

The Hindu ceremonious homage to ancestors known as shraadh pooja is also called pitr paksha or pitru paksha or pitri paksha. This literally translates to “ fortnight of the ancestors.” The period lasts for 16 lunar days in the Hindu calendar. Pitrs translates to ancestors. The reverential homage is conducted with offerings of food. Homage to ancestors is a significant part of Hinduism and is, therefore, obliged of followers and devotees of the religion.

This shraadh is typically performed on the ground floor of the house. The place should be clean. The person performing the shraadh must undergo a ritual of religious preparation before the actual homage ceremony. This is for the reason of optimizing the effects of the ritual before Lord Jagannath, according to Hindu sacred traditions.

All the substances to be used in the ceremony should be collected at least one day before the actual event. These substances should be received from the priests who are invited to conduct the ritual. Basil leaves, maize, black sesame seeds, and barley are some of the substances to be used, along with other instruments needed for the ritual. 

The ritual is followed by Brahman Bjoj to 7 Brahmins. A Mahaprasad packet is sent to the registered user by post along with a Lord Jagannath Idol.


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