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The main ingredients of this are black gram, rice flour, ghee and juggery.

Black gram is soaked in water for 3 to 4 hours. It is then made into a fine paste. Rice flour is added to the paste and made into small balls. These balls are deep fried in ghee and allowed to cool down. Thick golden brown juggery syrup is made. When the syrup cools down a bit, these balls are added and gently stirred. The syrup creates a covering over the balls and binds the balls together. This stays for more than a month if kept in air tight container.

The smell of black gram, crispy texture of the rice flour and the sweetness of juggery syrup  gives a very unique taste to the palate. This sweet is one of the favorites of Lord Jagannath. 

The packet includes divine Nirmalya and idol of Lord Jagannath.

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